The Packing List

Packing made easy

The Packing List is a simple app that provides you with a checklist of all the important things to consider and pack before traveling.

Simple yet powerful

To-Do & To Pack

After a lot of research we reached the conclusion that the best way to go through your travel preparation is to distinguish the actions that you need to take before and during travel from the things that you need to pack.

Create your own categories

Organize your items by grouping them into different categories. You will be able to create as many categories as you need, and you can pick an emoji to better differentiate them. 😉

Reuse your existing lists

This is one of the best kept secrets of every seasoned traveller. Keep refining your list, and reach sorcerer-level packing skills. You’ll soon forget why you ever packed for your travels differently in the past!

No more worrying about packing.